There are a lot of good reasons to run commute–for fitness, to save money, to avoid road rage… 

If you need a few more, check out the incentives offered below. There are some great organizations that provide solutions to common commuter problems and even offer prizes–free money!–for alternative commuters. Some are location or business specific, so conduct a search in your area to see if you can get anything more from your run commute. 

The Clean Air Campaign
  – A metro Atlanta organization that promotes the improvement of air quality and reduction of traffic congestion. The CAC maintains a commuter rewards program which encourages commuters to log their daily commute.

Commuter rewards include:
  •      Cash for Commuters: commuters currently driving alone can win $3 a day (for up to 90 days) by logging a clean commute alternative
  •      Commuter Prizes: commuters already using commute alternatives can log their daily commutes for a chance to win a $25 SunTrust gift card—1 in 10 active loggers win each month!
  •      Carpool Rewards: carpools of three or more people are eligible to win $40 to $60 worth of gas cards
RideSmart – A ridesharing website with information on commute options. Commuters can receive carpool and vanpool matches as well as register for the Guaranteed Ride Home program.  The program provides commuters with up to five free rides home in case of an unplanned event (sickness, unscheduled overtime, etc.).

Transportation Management Associations (TMAs)
 – Organizations that advocate commuter options in areas not already served by the Clean Air Campaign. Aside from promoting the Clean Air Campaign’s regional programs, they also promote local programming and incentives as well.
Here are a few in the Atlanta area:
If you’re interested in finding out about more offerings, look for Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strategies in your area, and ask your workplace if they currently provide incentives for employees using alternative commutes–or if they’d be willing to start. It never hurts to ask!
A big thanks to Crystal Clark from the downtown TMA for information on commute alternatives!