Shoes: Minimalist, Maximalist, Zero Drop

I have tried many types of shoe: minimalist, maximalist, and zero drop. I share thoughts here, with the clear disclaimer that I am not an expert and I was not systematic with experiments. I have read a bit, however, and it seems there is such significant variation in feet, strides and running form in general, foot strike in particular, and other factors, which likely accounts for the range of results reported

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Is It a Run Commute If You End Up at the Airport?

I have taken the run commute to an extreme. I have three times now hiked from my home in the Forest Hill neighborhood to the Glen Park BART Station in San Francisco, before catching a flight departing from SFO airport. Although the distance is only 2.8 miles, I have brought luggage. The experiment is at the limit of what I regard as reasonable.

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From the Run Commute to the Running Life

I am an advocate of walking. I mean both the doing of the act and the contemplation of it. I am a run commuter primarily, a racer too, and a companion of the dog as she does her business. I also appreciate, and I would like to celebrate, the meandering, pointless walk, whether solo or with society, surrounded by nature or across the city.

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What I Think About Murakami Running and Writing

I have not decided if running is a solitary activity that I engage in within a community, by racing half marathons; or if it is a social activity that I engage in alone, commuting back and forth. I have concluded, however, that it is a contemplative activity.

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