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Review: REI Stoke 9 Pack

Even though I have been run commuting for a while now, I had yet to invest in a pack specifically made for running. This is what I’d been using thus far:


The Old “Pack”

It was free, and I made it work. I used two hairbands to secure the drawstrings mid-chest, tight enough that the bag wouldn’t bounce around.

Apparently, I am too cheap to invest in something to make my life a bit easier.

Finally though, I decided it was time for a new pack. Those drawstring straps aren’t really the most comfortable, if you can believe it. After looking at a few packs online, I headed to REI to scope out more options in person. I spent some time trying on different packs and investigating the various features offered. Ultimately, I decided to go for the REI Stoke 9 Pack.

Read on for my review!


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If you need another reason…

There are a lot of good reasons to run commute–for fitness, to save money, to avoid road rage… 

If you need a few more, check out the incentives offered below. There are some great organizations that provide solutions to common commuter problems and even offer prizes–free money!–for alternative commuters. Some are location or business specific, so conduct a search in your area to see if you can get anything more from your run commute.  (more…)
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Food and Your Run Commute

When you’re running to work, it’s often tricky to prepare and transport nutritious snacks and meals. What works best for me is to keep snacks well-stocked at work, and focus on bringing in smaller meals each day (I tend to not go out for lunch since I’m cheap). This method minimizes the amount you need to carry on your run, while still providing you with the nutrition you need during the day. This works best if you have a set day of the week that you plan on biking or driving, but is still feasible for those who run everyday (just dedicate one day to restocking snacks and double up on lunches another day).


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My (Slow) Start to Run Commuting

I was never a runner. In high school, I got out of running the mile with a BS doctor’s note (“Sophie is excused from taking part in required physical activity due to hip and knee complications”). I ran occasionally in college and afterwards, but I never thought much of it.

I actually started to like running when I began using it as a way of getting home from work. My boyfriend Drue began using my car to commute after his died, since his lengthy trip to the suburbs trumped my mere three miles home. Originally, it was going to be a temporary solution until he found new car, but we decided it didn’t make much sense for us to have two cars, money-wise and environmentally-wise.

So he would drop me off in the morning with my things and I would run home after work. It took me a while to get used to it—I am not fast by any means, and I sweat like crazy—but I was really excited to find out how much I liked it. I also couldn’t really talk myself out of it, since I had to do it to get home. I increased to running to and from work when Drue’s schedule changed, and I am happy to say that even when he got a job in Atlanta (freeing up the car), I continued to run to and from work at least a few times a week.

There are definitely some challenges—the heat is a big one for me—but overall, I really enjoy my commute. It builds in time for some activity, and I feel more energetic and less stressed.

I’ll be posting more soon on my experiences run commuting, as well as some of the things that make my commute easier. Thanks to Josh and Kyle for having me!

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