Run@Work Day or Run2Work Day: both great options

Man oh man, I hope your Run@Work Day/Run2Work Day has been as good as mine!

I rose at 4 a.m. with Laura, who was assigned overtime on the dayside shift. She works for an international media organization headquartered in Atlanta; normally she is on overnights but those dayside wieners needed some extra fire power today, so they recruited my tough-as-nails, sweet-as-pie darling.

After seeing Lo-town off, I readied myself for work, and walked around the neighborhood with my coffee, taking in the sweet silence of our seldom-sleepy, yet hardly rowdy, street. Nothing but crickets, wind, sprinkler whispers and the distant howl of trains.

Then, I was off, taking a long route, about twice that of my normal commute, since I am the only one in the office today and Atlanta is finally enjoying some sub-90, sub-80 — indeed, sub-70-degree weather! Rather than south, I headed west, young (wo)man, and am delighted to share with you my Run2Work Day adventures. (more…)

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Unexpected mileage, unexpected adventure.

My office had a bowling outing for a departing intern last week and it led to a great example of why run commuting can be awesome. And also why people, upon hearing what we do, exclaim, “That’s INSANE!” Though, it’s not that insane compared to what some of those same people do as part of their daily work routine and deem “normal.” Say, a two-hour, one-way driving commute, for instance.

The day was normal enough – a simple, uneventful 5.3 mile run to work; a busy, coffee-fueled morning at the office; a quick lunch. And then I hopped into a coworkers car and headed to a bowling alley in Midtown, just north of downtown Atlanta.


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