Mike: family man, marathon man

DeKalb Avenue is off my typical run commute route, but the morning was foggy and DeKalb offers a wonderful view of the skyline’s sentinels huddled in their wooly blankets. It also allowed me to meet Mike, another run commuter!

run commuter

Two miles out, two miles home daily = 20 miles during the work week.

I spied Mike’s florescent orange shirt from several blocks back and hot-heeled it after him, grabbing for my camera. I caught him at Georgia State University’s campus, and we huffed out a bit of exchange over the next two blocks.

Mike shared that he started run commuting about two or three months ago, while training for the March 17, 2013, Georgia Marathon. His kids’ needs and schedules sometimes precludes longer runs prior to or following work, so he began running two miles to the train station in the morning, and two miles home from it after work. That round-trip train ride also affords Mike 45 minutes in which to read, to his delight. Mike’s family lately scaled back to being a one-car family; this multi-modal run commute helps make that easier. It is something with which Josh’s family has experience, having gone from one car to being car-free (eventually going back to one car, after Ben joined their family). But that is how Josh came to run commuting, too.

Running light -- and bright! -- though a hip or waist strap would reduce bag sway.

Running light — and bright! — though a hip or waist strap would reduce bag sway.

Mike and I had about as many minutes as blocks in which to speak before our paths parted, so I neglected to advise him about improvising a waist strap. As you can see, above, his backpack lacks that feature; I could see from blocks away that it changed his form significantly, and swayed visibly back and forth. Many options to allay this: a bungee cord, preferably one of the flat kind; some string; a web belt, of the Army surplus type; an old bike tire: limitless options.

Mike, if you read this and would like to add anything, or more likely, if I botched some info, comment or contact us! The question we all have: what was your time in the marathon??

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Run@Work Day or Run2Work Day: both great options

Man oh man, I hope your Run@Work Day/Run2Work Day has been as good as mine!

I rose at 4 a.m. with Laura, who was assigned overtime on the dayside shift. She works for an international media organization headquartered in Atlanta; normally she is on overnights but those dayside wieners needed some extra fire power today, so they recruited my tough-as-nails, sweet-as-pie darling.

After seeing Lo-town off, I readied myself for work, and walked around the neighborhood with my coffee, taking in the sweet silence of our seldom-sleepy, yet hardly rowdy, street. Nothing but crickets, wind, sprinkler whispers and the distant howl of trains.

Then, I was off, taking a long route, about twice that of my normal commute, since I am the only one in the office today and Atlanta is finally enjoying some sub-90, sub-80 — indeed, sub-70-degree weather! Rather than south, I headed west, young (wo)man, and am delighted to share with you my Run2Work Day adventures. (more…)

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Seen: Atlanta’s other parking problem

Just blocks shy of the office, I encountered this scene, where a driver decided to park on the Capitol lawn. That is a two-foot-high wall, on which I usually run as I pass the Gold Dome. Not today.

Only 49 more Capitols to ram

“No, sir, the sign meant I-85 is around the corner.”

Weather was wonderful — no fog, no rain, no tornadoes — and traffic was light. Josh and I later that day examined the tire marks and fender scraps, and could only figure that he came plowing west on the one-way street behind my perspective, cornered across at least two lanes to head south here, hit the curb, hopped the wall and made everyone’s morning.

OR, as I prefer to think, he did this while trying to drunk-dial his best friend from college and tell him he loves him and ask why they don’t hang out any more.

OR, as I am hoping to spin into local legend, this was a brazen protest against the much-maligned parking enforcers ParkAtlanta.

OR, it is proof that Atlantans fail to understand the vexing automobile, and should stick instead to running or bicycles.

Look every which way when you cross or use the streets, gang, watch your backs, and have a great weekend!

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