We gathered in Atlanta last week to host our very first Run Commuter Summit, discussing the perils and peaks associated with this noble activity.

It actually was just the three of us — Josh, Sophie, Kyle — drinking beers at Mellow Mushroom and talking shop. We did meet Terry the Psychic, though, who was there to read palms and tarot cards. Terry was kind enough to snap a photo of us, on the condition that we not “call her a dude.” (Wednesday also has trivia hosted by Ruby Redd, a drag queen. A few errant participants made that mistake of Terry not long after.)

Run Commuter Summit

From left: Sophie; Josh; Kyle. Also the descending order of personal condition and appearance.

The appellation “Hotlanta” is as dead as Marley, generally used by tourists whose primary information on Atlanta comes from articles on the 1996 Olympics, and our ginormous airport; however, there was no denying it was hot last week in Atlanta. How hot, you ask? Hot as balls. We thought during the Summit a hose might be leaking from the planter behind us and rose to check, only to discover that it was, in fact, merely our sweat. Terry, wise vet that she is, brought her fan. I refrained from posting the leaky-hose-sweatiness photo, as it even horrified Lo-town, in whose eyes I can do no wrong (except sweat that much); however, if you clamor for it, it will be posted.

Despite mild dehydration and our dubious desalination all over the patio, we came up with some great ideas for the coming weeks. Look soon for us to round out our how-to posts, including cleaning up, one by Sophie for the ladies, one by me for the guys; how to pack your clothes so as to be wrinkle-free; and how to incorporate training into your run commute, and vice versa. Too, we are finishing up our bag reviews, to better recommend vessels for your clothes, necessities and victuals. We also will be tweeting. Follow us at @TheRunCommuter.

One last thing: Josh and Sophie each have inspired at least one person to try run commuting — Sophie her boyfriend, Drue, who wanted to change things up; Josh our friend Mike, a seasoned Iron Man, Triathlete and ultrarunner; even Josh’s dear wife, Rebecca, Atlanta’s leading bicycle advocate, decided to give run commuting a shot.

But Terry, our psychic buddy, served as inspiration to us. Her husband has shed 120 pounds, all through running. Doctors told him all his life he would never run, following an accident which left his legs’ veins too close to the surface of his skin. Well, he is, and he is doing great. Terry is working toward it, too, following his example: she has walked off 100 pounds!