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It seems like a lot of people have been trying run commuting lately.  There are many possible reasons for that, including nicer weather, training for upcoming races, or maybe,  just maybe, it’s starting to catch on…  Whatever it may be, here are a few recent stories or posts from or about people new to run commuting.   Check out the rest of their sites, too, and show a few fellow bloggers some love!

Kristin’s Fitness Nook: The adventures of running to work a.k.a. – dodge car

It’s a yellow light, I can make it! CRAP, go faster, go faster.

Please see me car. Oh good, you did.

Seriously…it’s f-in hot at 7am!

What are you looking at d-bag in your jacked-up gas guzzler.

McDonald’s drivethru packed…no comment.

I cannot wait to sleep in on Saturday.

Yeah, someone else running to work…no, they’re just teenagers trudging along for summer training.

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Run Commuter Buddy – Eli

Eli contacted me a few weeks ago and wanted to set up a run commute.  He lives close by, so it worked out very well.  We lit out at 7:00 in the morning last week, arriving 45 minutes later at his place of work 5.5 miles away, with plenty of time left over to talk some more before he had to head in and hit the shower.   He ran with a Nathan HPL Race Vest.

Check with some of your local running clubs or ask a running friend to try running to work sometime with you.  It’s a great way to change up your old routine – or start a  new one!

Start Slow, Then Taper:  Run to Work Day

Monday – I ran to work. My car battery died Sunday afternoon before I was to go for a run. After taking my wife’s car out to go run at Lake Conestee, it was too late to take the battery to get checked – priorities you know!

I only live 4-5 miles from work, depending on the route, so it was very manageable. What made it a little more interesting was the fact that I had to carry my laptop and my clothes/shoes for work. My camelbak was full!

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Barefoot Runners Society: First Try at Run Commuting

RunningPirate’s Part One

Today, I made my first try at run commuting. I’ve been toying with this for about a month or so – that’s when I heard about the concept of running to work. Up to this point, I’ve been bicycle commuting and either running on my days off, or doing a short run at lunch. When I heard of run commuting, it opened up some new possibilities.

My commute is broken up into different sections, so I run BFR the first 2.4 mi to the local train station, take the train south for a bit, and then run shod the remaining 3.8 mi in to work. Over time, the plan is to gradually increase my BFR mileage (using the 10%/week rule) so that the entire run is barefoot. As of yet, I am not running home, but that can become a possibility in the near future. Ultimately, the thought is to run the entire 11 miles in to work.

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RunningPirate’s Part Two

I took my second swing at run commuting, today. Did the same route and run/mass transit distribution as last time. I did, however, learn that my route is 0.3 miles shorter than I originally thought – a discrepancy between manual mapping and real-time mapping with MapMyRun. I understand this is quite silly to fret over, but I’m still a little bit of a data junkie.


I tried a couple of different things, this week. Last week, I was having problems with the shoulder straps loosening while I was running, which led to the pack wagging left and right while I was running. Also, when I got to work, my lunch salad was…well, let’s just say that all the jostling made it less than crisp.

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  1. kristensfitnessnook June 29, 2012 at 6:10 pm - Reply

    Thanks for featuring my blog. I write to keep my family and friends involved in my life so I get quite excited when a non-family member stumbles onto my site!

  2. Wow – thanks for including my forum posts to BRS! (RunningPirate is my BRS handle). I wanted to reiterate something that Kristenfitnessnook said: Preparing the night before (work clothes, running clothes and accoutrements and other whathaveyou) is key when run-commuting – otherwise you are burning a lot of time in the morning, just trying to get out the door.

  3. BA July 26, 2013 at 11:44 am - Reply

    I decided a couple months ago that run commuting might make sense for me, and was very happy to discover this website and a few others with great tips and guidance. I bought an the Osprey Stratos 24 pack that was recommended here, and I’m really pleased with the size/weight/capacity combo. I’ve been run commuting now since late May 2013. I take public transport into work in the morning, and then run about 6 miles home in the afternoon. That way, I don’t have to worry about carrying fresh clothes to work or showering once I get there. Works perfectly so far. I usually manage to run home about 3-5 days per week, depending on my work/travel schedule. Biggest problems faced so far: (1) mid-July was ridiculously hot in Washington DC, so I ended up walking a lot, (2) my pack started to stink, so I have developed a routine to soak it in bleach water each weekend … although it still gets a little aromatic by Friday, and (3) I run through one slightly rough neighborhood, so I start to wonder how it will feel when it’s winter and I’m running there after dusk.

    Thanks for continuing to update the site. I like reading the stories!

    • Kyle
      Kyle July 26, 2013 at 1:55 pm - Reply

      That’s great, BA! Hall takes transit to his office, too, and runs home after: commutes in synch. Southerners tend to discount any it’s-too-hot claims outside the southeast, with the notable, sweatable exception of once-swampy D.C. You have a soggy summer, and I salute you.

      I wouldn’t be overly concerned about the rough neighborhood. Is there a way to skirt it? You can also add some lights to your bag and front. I like the Nathan Strobelight ( About $10, long battery life, very light, strong clip, no bounce: best of all, it is obnoxiously bright.

      What is your bleach/water ratio for the anti-stink bath? We are interested in trying it. I’ve found OxyClean works well, too.

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