I’ve been an on-again, off-again runner for just over 15 years now (yikes!). It began as preparation for US Army Basic Training. I had three months to get ready and knew I would be running a lot once I was in, so I needed to be ready. So off I went on my first run down our dirt road…and a half a mile later I was done – as in the-hell-with-this done.  Thankfully, I was “pushed” a little in the following months and grew to love running.

When I moved to Atlanta 7 years ago, I mainly got around by public transit. I moved closer to work after my first year and then began running again so I could explore the city’s many neighborhoods.

Soon thereafter, I took up bike commuting. Living 3.5 miles away from my office was just right and cycling to work cut my bus/train commute in half. I continued to run, but with a newborn son in the house I didn’t have a lot of spare time.  And I got lazy…

So I decided to force myself to run again.  Just a little.  Why not run to work?  I was ONLY 3.5 miles from the office.  I had to get there somehow, so why not just run there and get my exercise in, too?

It started out as a 30-minute run to work every other day. Then I was running to work every day. Soon, I was running back and forth every day and throwing in a long run on weekends for fun. And then I heard about a few other people doing the same thing…

Hopefully this blog will answer your questions, provide you with useful information and maybe even inspire you to run commute, too. In any case, thanks for reading!