Just blocks shy of the office, I encountered this scene, where a driver decided to park on the Capitol lawn. That is a two-foot-high wall, on which I usually run as I pass the Gold Dome. Not today.

Only 49 more Capitols to ram

“No, sir, the sign meant I-85 is around the corner.”

Weather was wonderful — no fog, no rain, no tornadoes — and traffic was light. Josh and I later that day examined the tire marks and fender scraps, and could only figure that he came plowing west on the one-way street behind my perspective, cornered across at least two lanes to head south here, hit the curb, hopped the wall and made everyone’s morning.

OR, as I prefer to think, he did this while trying to drunk-dial his best friend from college and tell him he loves him and ask why they don’t hang out any more.

OR, as I am hoping to spin into local legend, this was a brazen protest against the much-maligned parking enforcers ParkAtlanta.

OR, it is proof that Atlantans fail to understand the vexing automobile, and should stick instead to running or bicycles.

Look every which way when you cross or use the streets, gang, watch your backs, and have a great weekend!