You have been running and racing for some time, racking up medals for half- and full marathons, and perhaps beyond. Great job on all your achievements! You can get more pleasure from your prizes by repurposing your medals, and come off as being accomplished, ingenious and modest. Some have used medals as Christmas ornaments. Some donate theirs to be used anew in a worthy cause. Today, a friend shared a fellow GUTS member’s extraordinary use: WIND CHIMES.

...with perhaps some echos of race chafing.

This is the sound of VICTORY.

This crafty fellow, Frank Conti, says he has about 60 medals. They descend from an old birdfeeder bottom via fishing line, and are counter-balanced with fishing weights. Too, he says they sound great.

What do you do with your awards? Toss them in a drawer? Put them in a display case? (Mine are on private display on the HVAC unit in our hall coat closet. It makes a handy shelf.)