Just a reminder that this Friday, February 24th is Run to Work Day, organized by ultrarunner Shannon Price.

So far, 970 people have said they’ll be running to or from work!  Here is the info from the Facebook event page:

So here we go!!! I wanted to start by thanking all of you all over the globe for the interest in the First Annual Run to Work Day. The overall purpose of this event is to motivate, inspire, have fun, and replace a commute to/from work or home office. There will be no restrictions to the mileage but I do have a few rules to cover.

1. Be Safe – Please take the time to prepare a good safe route. Tell others where you are going and when you intend to get there. Please let others know when you have arrived. I recommend a headlamp (if needed), reflective gear, and lighter colored clothing.

2. Be Prepared – Running in late February can sometime be harder than normal (which makes it more fun). Be adequately dressed and have nutrition to cover the mileage. Please carry a cell phone if possible.

3. Document – I would love to read everyone’s stories, see pictures, and view videos from your journey. That is why the Facebook page is created. Feel free to post before, during, and after. Tell others what nutrition you are going to carry and how you plan to run your route well in advance. Take the time to encourage others and help in anyway you can. Also feel free to post your blogs and use the logo is you would like.

4. Be Safe – I know…repeat…but I plan on a Second Annual if this one goes well and want all of you here to experience the “fun” again.

5. No Whining – do I need to say more?

6. Treat Yourself – Yes this is a rule. After your run take a moment to buy yourself a “treat” for your accomplishments. I cannot give out medals so this will be your medal. Please also take a picture and post on the Facebook page.

7. Have Fun – This should be a great event so please remember to smile, say hello to others, and enjoy the running. You will be surprised if you stay positive how much fun a cold winter run can become. If the run becomes not as much fun please look back to Rule #5.

As you can see this is a bare-bones setup but it should be an absolutely blast!!! If I can help anyone in anyway please contact me at 970-420-2114 or mshannonprice@yahoo.com.

Run Happy Everyone!!! Shannon.