What I saw on my summer vacation

Laura and I just returned from Washington, D.C., a trip we’d planned more than a year. To give you the flavor of it: after a long day visiting historic sights and museums, we unwound in our hotel room by reading the founding Charters and other important American documents, and learning about the policies surrounding the War of 1812. RIVETING. (Seriously, it was.)

But what of the unplanned things we saw? Sure, there was a wealth of bicyclists, barreling this way and that, but how ’bout the profusion of run commuters? We saw at least a dozen during our week there, earnest hoofers sporting backpacks in the evening rush, heading home, to the Metro, or destinations unknown.

Seriously: sweet shorts.

I hope his backpack contains a suit that matches those shorts.

Each time, I over-eagerly pounded Laura’s surely-bruised-by-then arm, crowing, “Look, another one!” wondering after, “Why was there another one?” Why did D.C. proffer more run commuters than Atlanta? I can say with certainty that both cities are equally flush with runners. If you don’t get out before 6 a.m. in Atlanta, you will share your neighborhood’s streets with at least a dozen folks. I think herein lie some answers: (more…)

My Daily Run Commute – Melissa in Washington, DC

Thanks to all of the support and comments from some great Redditors yesterday!  And we have our first guest post!

I started running as a challenge from my sister to run a half marathon last October.  I started and loved it, but pushed myself too far too quickly and had a knee injury.  I did not get a chance to run that first race and I have held a grudge ever since.  I started running home when I wasn’t working out because I “didn’t have time”.  I had to find the time and thus the idea of running home was born!  It really takes me just about the same time to run home as it would have to take one bus to another bus and then home.  I see other runners and they make me smile.  I see other runners with a backpack on and it makes me proud!

Here’s Melissa’s run commute from work to home.

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