The Run Commuter News Roundup – January 9, 2012

Rather than post a single, interesting run commuting-related news bit every once in a while, I’ve decided to try posting a few at once in a digest format.   The articles and stories may come from newspapers, websites, individual blogs, or even buzz from online running forums, so if you know of any good stuff out there, let us know by emailing it to and it may show up in a future edition of the News Roundup.

Today’s edition is focused on the loooooong run commute…


Land of 10,000 Stories: Man parks car, runs 31 miles to work

RIVER FALLS, Wis. – Thirty-one rush-hour-miles stand between the country home near River Falls, Wisconsin and the Eagan, Minnesota offices of Thomson Reuters. 

On his last day before retirement, Jim Simonet vowed he would drive those 31 miles no more.  Then he ran to work instead.

“I don’t enjoy traffic, no,” says Simonet, who had been commuting from River Falls to his job at Thomson Reuters for 36 years.

But his eight-hour run in bone-chilling weather was no traffic avoidance maneuver.   Simonet had a point to make about his post-retirement years: “Life doesn’t quit when you retire. To me it’s just a chance to go on to the next excellent adventure.”

Note:  You should really watch the video as it briefly documents his whole run.  This guy is inspiring and awesome!