REPREVE Fabric and the Importance of Recycling

It’s time to up our game, run commuters.

Yes, you are already doing an exceptional part in creating a better, cleaner, and healthier environment by replacing your automobile commutes with running, but I really had my eyes opened last week and it made me realize that we can do even more.

We were sent a green beanie, whose fleece fabric, REPREVE, was made from recycled plastic bottles. In fact, six bottles go into the making of each one of their green, eco-friendly beanies. Awesome, right? The TRC team have always been big recyclers, but not everyone in the communities around us have taken up the torch. In fact, the U.S. plastic bottle recycling rate is less than 30 percent—so less than one-third of all plastic bottles get recycled.  So, Repreve is on a mission to get the word out: Just recycle more. That’s a message we support 100%. 

You’ve probably heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is a large area in the Pacific Ocean where vast quantities of trash particles accumulate in the upper water column. Scientists believe that 80% of the materials in the Patch (which is primarily composed of plastic), arrived there from land-based sources, including storm drain runoff.

I normally don’t notice trash around me when I run and I never look for it. But during a recent 5.3-mile morning run commute, I decided to conduct some field research and count the number of plastic bottles I could find littering my route. The results were pretty shocking.

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92 plastic bottles, slowly breaking down, and making their way into our storm drains and waterways. That’s 17.36 plastic bottles per mile.

The majority of the bottles (60%, or 55 bottles) were found along partially fenced railroad tracks within a large shipping yard. However, 35% (32 bottles) were found in residential and small commercial areas. I found flattened bottles on the sidewalks near resident’s parked cars, in close proximity to recycle bins, in people’s front yards – everywhere you would think that homeowners and business owners would see them and pick them up. Yet, there they sat.

The cleanest area was the downtown core of Atlanta with only 5 bottles (5%) found in just over a mile.

REPREVE, turnitgreen, recycled fabric, recycling, the run commuter, run commuting, neighborhood trash, recycling plastic, recycled plastic bottle products


REPREVE, turnitgreen, recycled fabric, recycling, the run commuter, run commuting, neighborhood trash, recycling plastic, recycled plastic bottle products

Here’s what I’m asking you to do as run commuters: Pick up some plastic bottles on your run home and add them to your recycling. They don’t weigh much and, when flattened, can be stuffed into any side or external pouch on your pack. Pick up some trash and put it into a nearby trash can if you can. Let’s create our own, neighborhood Adopt-a-Highway projects along our running routes and help keep them clean and beautiful. Let’s add this small task to what a run commuter “does.”

Repreve will take over on the other end, crafting fabric from our recycled bottles, allowing a plethora of companies to make products which fit our pursuit of a healthier, greener lifestyle.

And, if you are feeling creative and lucky, REPREVE is giving away $5,000 and some cool gear as part of their #turnitgreen X-Games contest. Details below.


Grand Prize: $5,000 cash. To celebrate the X Games, REPREVE invites participants to share how they “turn it green”, or how they live a more sustainable life by recycling or reusing materials, by sharing an image or video on Twitter, Instagram or Vine with the #TurnItGreen hashtag and @Repreve. Once you share the image or video with the hashtag and company link, you will be entered into a sweepstakes where four entries will be randomly selected as the Top Four. Those four will be voted on by visitors to where the image or video with the most votes will win a $5,000 cash prize. The other three video entries will receive a REPREVE Jacket and a Go-Pro camera (retail valued at over $350).”

Thanks to REPREVE for sponsoring today’s post around recycling, an important topic to us!

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FAQs, an infographic, AND a contest

We just finished the run commuting FAQs page, so stop by and check it out.  If you have a question you want answered, use the “Submit a Question” form on that page.  We’ll include your first name and location for any questions you submit, along with the answer.

Contest Details:  

Here’s a chance to win a pair of Mizuno Wave Enigma 2’s for you and your partner from our friends at

Who’s your running Valentine? Tell us why you love him or her!

Let your running valentine be anyone special to you—a husband, a mother, a best friend—someone who brings joy and color into your world; the person who makes you smile on a rainy day. Share your story about them, gain some good vibes, and potentially pick up some free Mizuno shoes. Sounds like a win-win to us!

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Winner will be announced on Friday, Feb. 15. 

And finally, check out the change in race distance popularity over the last 10 years.  Crazy!




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Contest: The North Face Endurance Challenge – Atlanta, GA

UPDATE:  We are extending the deadline through the weekend.  All entries must be received by 5:00 pm on Monday, October 1st.  We will notify the winner on Monday night.

Who’s ready to race?

If you’ve never participated in The North Face Endurance Challenge before, now is your chance.  We are giving away a free entry to the October 13-14 Southeast Regional trail race in Atlanta, GA

Overview of the Race

The North Face Endurance Challenge was born following ultrarunning legend Dean Karnazes‘ monumental 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days .  The first Endurance Challenge race was held in 2007, drawing together elite runners, ultramarathoners, and average athletes alike.  The courses are all chosen to challenge the individual, as well as provide beautiful and breathtaking views along the way.  What began as a single-day event with four race distances to choose from, evolved into a two-day event, with 8 different races (50-mile, 50K, Marathon, Marathon Relay, Half Marathon, 10K, 5K, and even a 1K Kid’s Run), held in six different cities across the United States.


The Atlanta, GA Southeast Regional Race

Location:  F.D. Roosevelt State Park – Pine Mountain, GA (I know – not quite Atlanta)

Located 1.5 hours southwest of Atlanta, the Pine Mountain Trail provides 23 miles of ideal trail running experience – water crossings, technical terrain, tough uphill and downhill sections, and plenty of exposed roots and loose rock to try and take you down.

Photo from

How to Enter:

1)  Comment below on this post and tell us your favorite place/route to run.

2)  Like The Run Commuter on Facebook.

One lucky person will receive a registration code good for any distance.  Winner will be chosen by random number generator based on post number.  Contest will end Friday, September 28, 2012 Monday, October 1, 2012 at 5:oo pm EST.

We will also follow-up on the winner’s training progress and race experience if they will allow us to share (not a requirement for accepting the free registration).

Good luck!

Contest: New Balance Falmouth Road Race Package

Our friends at are holding an amazing contest right now.  They’re giving away a Race Day Getaway to Cape Cod

Have you ever been to Cape Cod?  I sure haven’t.  So I did a little googling and voila:

Behold! The Cape.

But wait, there’s more!


Kayakers, whales and cyclists co-mingling? Shazam!

How could you not enter this one?

The winner will receive two airline tickets, lodging, and entries to the New Balance Falmouth Road Race on Aug. 12.  In order to enter, folks can share words of inspiration here –

They would like people to post their entry on Facebook and ask for friends to vote on their favorite entries. The finalists will be determined by votes.  Good luck!

And don’t forget to check out the sweet deals on, too!


Race Info

Date:  August 12, 2012

Time:  10:00 AM

Location:  Falmouth, MA

Distance:  7 miles

Course Map:  Link

Event Website:  Link