In the News: Why a new Burlington cafe offers showers

Cleaning up after running to work is a topic of much discussion and debate.  Some people will absolutely not run to the office if they can’t shower when they get there.  Others, including some of the fine writers here at TRC, clean up without showering at all.  We’ll have a post about that soon, but until then, check out this piece about Maglianero Cafe in Burlington, VT.

Biking or running to work in Burlington and finding that morning fix when you get there can be tough.

Rene Hanson said, “Most offices don’t have a shower and they don’t have a great coffee place either.”

The team at the new Maglianero Cafe on Maple Street is in business to change that. Its space is bike friendly and riders can grab a shower free of charge.

The folks are Maglianero are awesome!  While it looks like their regulars are mainly cyclists, the shower facilities can be used by other alternative commuters, too.  Check out their blog and if you are in the area,  stop in and tell us about your visit!

Article and video:  Why a new Burlington cafe offers showers.

If you need another reason…

There are a lot of good reasons to run commute–for fitness, to save money, to avoid road rage… 

If you need a few more, check out the incentives offered below. There are some great organizations that provide solutions to common commuter problems and even offer prizes–free money!–for alternative commuters. Some are location or business specific, so conduct a search in your area to see if you can get anything more from your run commute.  (more…)
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When cross-type commutes cross paths

Today was a bike commute day, as Lo-town and I are taking a birthday friend to dinner tonight. Run commuting is achievable with planning and timing, even in 90-degree Georgia heat; however, run commuting to a social engagement can be a boggy matter, especially in 90-degree Georgia heat. We will touch on that topic in the coming weeks.

A mile and a half from work, whom do I see? Why, Josh Woiderski, run commuter!

Run commuting in ACTION. Run commuting IS action!

Our morning mirth was dampened soon after, though, when we encountered one of my nemeses. (more…)

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The Why of my run commute: thrift and paranoia

Following Josh’s prompt, I thought about how I came to run commuting. It is founded less in practical circumstance than his. My run commute, and distance running in general, is rooted in thoughts of green and health. Not the save-the-planet type: rather, the backseat progeny of thrift and paranoia.

Also, like any tale of any merit, it involves REVENGE. (more…)

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I’ve been an on-again, off-again runner for just over 15 years now (yikes!). It began as preparation for US Army Basic Training. I had three months to get ready and knew I would be running a lot once I was in, so I needed to be ready. So off I went on my first run down our dirt road…and a half a mile later I was done – as in the-hell-with-this done.  Thankfully, I was “pushed” a little in the following months and grew to love running. (more…)