Stalking Mother Nature: she’s so hot; she’s so cold

Al Gore opened new worlds of stalking to the shy, curious, and flat-out creepy. Gone are the days when one lurked in bushes, trees, or other foliage, hoping to ogle passersby or inventory their actions. That mode is, I imagine, much like vinyl: adamantly adhered to by a handful of purists (or, as it were, peepers). Now we have Facebook, Twitter, fascinating blogs, and so many more options for electronic, anonymous monitoring of the object of your obsession.

Mine: THE WEATHER CHANNEL. Mother Nature is fickle and often ferocious, switching in a day’s span from torrential rains to sun blasts and back, perhaps a cold snap during lunch, and a tornado warning or two for a night cap. Most runners need to plan attire for just a few hours: the duration of their exertions. The weather in that span should hold, but run commuters face two often distinctly different climates, bookending their days. Keep these things in mind before you brave the day’s elements, be they at dawn or dusk. (more…)

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“I have SO MUCH to share!”

I scoop up adventures on my runs like children do coins in fountains: so excited by each, and there are just so many of them, all valuable. Most runners are like this, I believe; if not, they should be; they can be. Running to work or home, I constantly catalog the singular, split-second scenes past which I move. I do this to later share with Laura, and always share them with her first, and sometimes pop them onto Twitter.

Now that I have, I can share with you the recap of my lunch-time run. I biked to work today (I just missed my bike) and used lunch to literally run an errand. Hopefully this handful of shiny adventures will inspire you to jot down those from your next jaunt. If run commuting can shed the day’s stress from your shoulders, it also can bring something bright, lively and lovely home in time for dinner. (more…)

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Doggie doo don’ts

Part of the joy of running to work is the ability to explore and experience your community. Indeed, you are inherently exposed to it as you dash/trot/trudge to and from work. Bicycling gives you this freedom, too; however, at their slower pace, run commuters more intimately experience the areas in which the community needs improvement. Specifically: disposal of dogs’ movements.

My relatively brief run to the office has provided me a wealth of anecdotes, mini-adventures, and one-time-only sights. I photograph nearly all of them to later show Laura, and later share here. Yet of constant complaint and concern are the carnival-colored bamboo baggies of dog turds, tossed haphazardly by negligent dog owners beside (or on) sidewalks, in gutters, roads, semi-wooded areas, and pretty much anywhere else they feel like flinging them. I am certain roof tops and car hoods have seen their undue share of crap sacks. Here are some recent examples: (more…)

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Sophie: run commuter, bumper surfer

Lordy! A season has passed and the weather has turned tempestuous in Georgia, nigh-freezing nights and too-warm days, with winds whipping flags, leaves and my massive hair to and fro. In short, perfect conditions for running. There has been a significant deal going on in the Atlantan run commuting community (e.g. us three), little of it related to run commuting; however, its time consuming-nature has kept us from the keyboard.

Josh’s family recently grew, having taken on a 9-year-old ward. It is a backhanded blessing. Their addition came via subtraction of a dearly loved friend. I put all my time into training for the Detroit Marathon, then needed a month-long reunion with my bicycle and Laura. And when Sophie has found time away from applying to graduate schools, she has been playing Frogger.

That is: Sophie was hit by a car.

Exhale! Cease picturing Sophie’s mangled, Frogger-mashed body. She was OK, but for jangled nerves, a broken toe and what she described as “some pretty sweet bruises.” Afterward, she continued on to work, about a mile north of the intersection. This is not an indicator of the lightness of the incident, but how bad to the bone Sophie is.  But I was surprised by the intersection at which it occurred, one flush with pedestrians; upon further reflection, though, given the abilities and awareness of Atlanta’s drivers, I am more surprised by such encounters’ infrequency. (more…)

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Run@Work Day or Run2Work Day: both great options

Man oh man, I hope your Run@Work Day/Run2Work Day has been as good as mine!

I rose at 4 a.m. with Laura, who was assigned overtime on the dayside shift. She works for an international media organization headquartered in Atlanta; normally she is on overnights but those dayside wieners needed some extra fire power today, so they recruited my tough-as-nails, sweet-as-pie darling.

After seeing Lo-town off, I readied myself for work, and walked around the neighborhood with my coffee, taking in the sweet silence of our seldom-sleepy, yet hardly rowdy, street. Nothing but crickets, wind, sprinkler whispers and the distant howl of trains.

Then, I was off, taking a long route, about twice that of my normal commute, since I am the only one in the office today and Atlanta is finally enjoying some sub-90, sub-80 — indeed, sub-70-degree weather! Rather than south, I headed west, young (wo)man, and am delighted to share with you my Run2Work Day adventures. (more…)

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Run Commuter Advocacy: Sidewalk Maintenance

Run commuter advocacy?  That’s right!

An issue arose in Atlanta recently about sidewalk repair and maintenance funding.  A local organization, PEDS, has been pushing for a change to Atlanta’s city code  that would transfer sidewalk repairs off of the adjacent property owners plate and onto that of the Department of Public Works.  They make a good argument, too.  However, like many municipalities, Public Works is short on funding to make the much-needed repairs.  As a result, there is a panel discussion tonight where the Public Works Commissioner and others will explain the issues and listen to input from the pubic, which will hopefully lead to positive results.  It’s short notice (tonight), but if you live in Atlanta and can go, the time and location can be found on PEDS homepage under Action Alerts.


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Seen on my commute: Word Scramble

This is one of my favorite places to run past lately.

Located along my Dekalb Avenue route, Streetela describes themselves as “a co-operative brand created to bring the independent urban artist together with those that appreciate the work.”  Some of the awesome local artists featured on their site: Evereman, Paper Twins, and Faber.

Streetela’s sign on top of their building consists of individual, movable letters which has led to many variations of awesome over the past few weeks.  “lets eater” is pretty good, but my favorite so far has been “ale tester.”

Rock on, you wacky cats…

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Unexpected mileage, unexpected adventure.

My office had a bowling outing for a departing intern last week and it led to a great example of why run commuting can be awesome. And also why people, upon hearing what we do, exclaim, “That’s INSANE!” Though, it’s not that insane compared to what some of those same people do as part of their daily work routine and deem “normal.” Say, a two-hour, one-way driving commute, for instance.

The day was normal enough – a simple, uneventful 5.3 mile run to work; a busy, coffee-fueled morning at the office; a quick lunch. And then I hopped into a coworkers car and headed to a bowling alley in Midtown, just north of downtown Atlanta.


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Run Commuting Made Easier? A New Idea Out of London

A recent article in the London Evening Standard  introduces a new company that provides a unique service for people who want to run home from work. 

Home Run describes its services as “a series of guided group runs home from central London…we even carry your bag!”  Gear is transported by bicycle to a designated finish point and you can pick it up once your group arrives. 

Check out their video here:


It’s a pretty cool concept, but one that probably wouldn’t work in areas outside of large, urban centers.  It would definitely work well in Atlanta – for those people who work and live in Atlanta.  It might even work well for suburbanites if a group run finished at a commuter bus pickup location. 

What do you think?  Would you try run commuting if you were able to run after a long day of work without the hassle of carrying your gear?

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If you need another reason…

There are a lot of good reasons to run commute–for fitness, to save money, to avoid road rage… 

If you need a few more, check out the incentives offered below. There are some great organizations that provide solutions to common commuter problems and even offer prizes–free money!–for alternative commuters. Some are location or business specific, so conduct a search in your area to see if you can get anything more from your run commute.  (more…)
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