Crunched for time, so here is a quick run through a National Park!

Whew! This week has been hectic and, as everyone in the country knows, hotter than the molten core of the earth. We all had heavy case loads this week, preventing us from writing anything for your amusement or amazement, but will return next week with gusto. Benefit of run commuting: stress relief.

Though said run commutes ease stress, and give both barrels to getting you home and getting you exercise, there is the larger part, at least for me, of seeing and experiencing the city. I love Atlanta. Atlanta is my city; likely you all feel the same way about the spaces and places in which you live.

Every day I relish the experience of exploring it, seeing its myriad pieces and people mingle. Part of our aim here is to share that with readers. So while we recoup over the weekend and regroup next week, here are some quick pics I snapped running down Auburn Avenue through the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site, of which I wrote earlier this week. (more…)

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Everyone is Trying It!

Last night, my wife ran home after work from the train station 3 miles away.  This was only her second run this year and the second run wearing her new Merrell Pace Gloves, so I was very impressed.

She was exhausted and excited once she made it home, pulling everything out of her skirt pockets (a non-running specific skirt at that) and exclaiming, “And…look at everything I had to carry with me!”

She went on to say that she really enjoyed combining the run with a short trip on the train as she ran into two colleagues and used the transit time to network.

Her legs were pretty sore that night, but she said they were fine this morning as she headed off to work.

Well done on your first run commute, Rebecca!

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My favorite run commuter(s): Doug Coyle and his dog

My daily commute to downtown Atlanta, by run or bike, takes me through several parks, one of which is a unit of the National Parks Service. Auburn Avenue is the heart of the Sweet Auburn Historic District, boasting many historic structrues and sites, not least of which is the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site.

The park’s most-visited structure is MLK, Jr.’s boyhood home, in front of which you will see visitors from all over the world posing for photographs almost any time the sun is up. I am obsessed with National Parks, so it is a great pleasure to pass through or by here several times daily.

And often as I pass, I see Doug Coyle.

Doug Coyle and his service dog commuting to work.

I only learned his name last week, when we happened to pass each other on the sidewalk. (more…)

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Our first Run Commuter Summit

We gathered in Atlanta last week to host our very first Run Commuter Summit, discussing the perils and peaks associated with this noble activity.

It actually was just the three of us — Josh, Sophie, Kyle — drinking beers at Mellow Mushroom and talking shop. We did meet Terry the Psychic, though, who was there to read palms and tarot cards. Terry was kind enough to snap a photo of us, on the condition that we not “call her a dude.” (Wednesday also has trivia hosted by Ruby Redd, a drag queen. A few errant participants made that mistake of Terry not long after.)

Run Commuter Summit

From left: Sophie; Josh; Kyle. Also the descending order of personal condition and appearance.

The appellation “Hotlanta” is as dead as Marley, generally used by tourists whose primary information on Atlanta comes from articles on the 1996 Olympics, and our ginormous airport; however, there was no denying it was hot last week in Atlanta. How hot, you ask? (more…)

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Seen: Atlanta’s other parking problem

Just blocks shy of the office, I encountered this scene, where a driver decided to park on the Capitol lawn. That is a two-foot-high wall, on which I usually run as I pass the Gold Dome. Not today.

Only 49 more Capitols to ram

“No, sir, the sign meant I-85 is around the corner.”

Weather was wonderful — no fog, no rain, no tornadoes — and traffic was light. Josh and I later that day examined the tire marks and fender scraps, and could only figure that he came plowing west on the one-way street behind my perspective, cornered across at least two lanes to head south here, hit the curb, hopped the wall and made everyone’s morning.

OR, as I prefer to think, he did this while trying to drunk-dial his best friend from college and tell him he loves him and ask why they don’t hang out any more.

OR, as I am hoping to spin into local legend, this was a brazen protest against the much-maligned parking enforcers ParkAtlanta.

OR, it is proof that Atlantans fail to understand the vexing automobile, and should stick instead to running or bicycles.

Look every which way when you cross or use the streets, gang, watch your backs, and have a great weekend!

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Hot Running: Heat, Humidity and Dew Point

There is a great article in Running Times this month called It’s Not the Heat, Nor the Humidity.  You can’t read it online, but the ladies over at The Bitchy Runners have summarized it and created a replica of the dew point chart that you should check out.

I incorporate race training into my run commute.  It’s not that exciting, but it can be pretty intense based on which route I am running at the time (hills vs. flat). Sometimes during the summer, it REALLY sucks the life out of me; almost to the point where I am worthless the rest of the day. I always chalked it up to humidity, but after reading the RT article, I realized that what I should really be keeping an eye on is the dreaded dew point. (more…)

Knowing, and toeing, your deadline

Douglas Adams lives on beyond his trilogy in five parts, in newsrooms everywhere, their walls, clocks, support beams, computer monitors, coffee pots and mugs, and I am sure the occasional tattoo emblazoned with and giving voice to his quote, “I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by.”

A deadline nearly whooshed by me today. Not for an important assignment, like a white paper or needs assessment or getting my boss some Chick-fil-A for breakfast, but for transforming from a soggy, sweaty wreck to office appropriate gent. It was a close call, dear readers. Close and soggy.

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My (Slow) Start to Run Commuting

I was never a runner. In high school, I got out of running the mile with a BS doctor’s note (“Sophie is excused from taking part in required physical activity due to hip and knee complications”). I ran occasionally in college and afterwards, but I never thought much of it.

I actually started to like running when I began using it as a way of getting home from work. My boyfriend Drue began using my car to commute after his died, since his lengthy trip to the suburbs trumped my mere three miles home. Originally, it was going to be a temporary solution until he found new car, but we decided it didn’t make much sense for us to have two cars, money-wise and environmentally-wise.

So he would drop me off in the morning with my things and I would run home after work. It took me a while to get used to it—I am not fast by any means, and I sweat like crazy—but I was really excited to find out how much I liked it. I also couldn’t really talk myself out of it, since I had to do it to get home. I increased to running to and from work when Drue’s schedule changed, and I am happy to say that even when he got a job in Atlanta (freeing up the car), I continued to run to and from work at least a few times a week.

There are definitely some challenges—the heat is a big one for me—but overall, I really enjoy my commute. It builds in time for some activity, and I feel more energetic and less stressed.

I’ll be posting more soon on my experiences run commuting, as well as some of the things that make my commute easier. Thanks to Josh and Kyle for having me!

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Scene/seen on my run commute

Bicycle commuters always hold forth about the wonderful things they see on their commutes, exposed to and immersed in the world as they are. “I ate fresh raspberries while watching deer frolic in the meadow!” “A greengrocer tossed me half a watermelon, gratis, for having such a lovely smile!” “I high-fived a guy waiting on the curb so hard, he spun around!” (I actually did that last one.)

Run commuting, you experience the same, only you are better able to stop and consider. So, consider this:

Stay classy, Georgia

A fair try, but I expect to corner the boozy-stoner market when I release my Chips Ahoy-flavored vodka.

Part of my run commute cuts through the Murder Kroger parking lot (more…)

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