Run Commuting in Anchorage, Alaska

Greetings fellow run commuters (and wannabe run commuters)! I’m so happy that Josh asked me to contribute to this blog, writing about my own experiences with run commuting, and how things are a bit different for me, being that I live in Alaska.

I first started run commuting early this spring, so I’ve been doing it for several months now. One of the main reasons why I started was simply to get in some more miles while training for the Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon last month here in Anchorage. Besides work, I have a wife and 2 kids at home, so it’s not always easy to find time to go for a run. During the week, that typically means running either early in the morning or late at night. I’ve always been more of a morning person anyways, so getting up early and running to work made sense to me. (more…)