It’s the end of April and it is time for another edition of the Run Commuting Story Roundup! There seems to have been an increase in articles about lately, and while it’s probably tied to warmer temperatures (people more likely to run) we like to think it’s because run commuting is becoming more popular.

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There are a lot of good comments here that I think are worth checking out and a couple of common issues that keep people from run commuting are brought up.

First, no one wants to run to work without having a proper shower afterwards. That’s an obstacle we’ve tackled in a couple of posts; The No Shower Cleanup – Men’s and Women’s Edition. Not ideal or workable for everyone, but a solution nonetheless.

Second, many people live too far away from work. There are many reasons why this is the case, including changing job locations and choosing to live in a neighborhood with better schools for your kids. In an ideal world, everyone would choose to live within running/biking/walking distance from their office. However, run commuting can still be possible if you plan out your route accordingly and combine your run with carpooling, public transit, bike commuting, etc. Where there is a will, there is (usually) a way!

Matt Setlack has a fantastic series on run commuting that everyone needs to read. In Part 2, he goes into detail about his daily run commute and provides solutions to many challenges that keep people from running to work.  His main advice to those considering starting – Just go for it! 

Susie Chan’s post about run commuting includes lots of tips for beginners and also discusses changing up your routine to keep things interesting. It’s a good, quick read for people thinking about starting to run to work.

This is a cool blog post about how a runner got into run commuting. Looks like he has a nice route based on all the great pics!

I’ve wondered about this for a while. Thankfully, I don’t live in a heavily-polluted city, but even so, I have other routes to work that I can use on occasional summer days where the pollution levels are high. Even so, I don’t know what the impact of running to work (or running along busy roadways) has had on my body. The takeaway from the article – limit your activities on high pollution days.