It’s been a busy (and ridiculously hot) summer this year, and while we’ve been a bit short on reviews, tips, and stories about run commuting lately, we want to show you a couple of new features we’ve added to the site in case you missed them. Stay tuned for upcoming posts on the Spartan Race, a writeup on the newest version of a running pack designed by an Atlanta college student, and food transportation options.

Running Backpack Roundup

In the market for a new running backpack, but not sure which one is right for you? The Running Backpack Roundup will help you find your perfect pack!

The Roundup includes all the features in a pack that are important for run commuters: waist and sternum straps, volume, compression, rain cover, and more. We will continue to add packs to the list as we come across them and review them when we can. In the future, we’ll roll out a user-based rating system, so you’ll be able sort the table and find out which packs are user favorites and which ones to avoid.

Updated Featured Image


Twitter Hashtag Stream

Look to the sidebar on the right of your screen and you’ll see a new Twitter stream. Add the hashtag #runcommute to your run commuting tweets and join many others around the world talking about running to work and all the adventures that come from choosing to avoid a lifestyle of traffic jams on the roadway.

 RunCommute Hashtag Stream Snapshot

Become a Run Commuter

While the content of this topic isn’t new, the way it is accessed on the website has changed to make it simpler for newcomers to quickly and easily access the core posts on run commuting. 

Become a run commuter

That’s all we have for now. Let us know if there are any other features, stories, or additions you’d like to see on The Run Commuter! Email us at