NameImageTRC ReviewVolumeSternum Strap/Waist StrapLoad CompressionIntegrated Rain CoverPadded Laptop SleeveFrameWeightIdeal Load RangeHydration CompatibleWomen Specific OptionPriceGet one!Company Website
Arc'Teryx Cierzo 251,525 cu. in.Yes/YesYesNoNoNo0.9 pounds6-12 poundsNoNo$80.00
Black Diamond Bbee690 cu. in.Yes/YesNoNoNoNo0.8 pounds6-10 poundsYesNo$
Black Diamond Blaze1,098 cu. in.Yes/YesNoNoNoNo1.5 pounds10-15 poundsYesNo$
Black Diamond Nitro1,220 - 1,340 cu. in.Yes/YesNoNoNoNo2.3 pounds12-21 poundsYesNo$
Camelbak Rim Runner1,342 cu. in.Yes/YesYesNoNoNo1.8 pounds12-21 poundsYes
Includes bladder
Dakine Heli Pro DLX 201,200 cu. in.Yes/YesYesNoNoNo3.0 pounds8-15 poundsYesYes
Heli Pro DLX 18
Deuter Giga Office1,830 cu. in.Yes/YesYesNoYesNo2.6 pounds13-20 poundsNoNo$
Deuter Race X732 cu. inYes/YesNoNoNoNo1.2 pounds6-12 poundsYesNo$
Deuter Speed Lite 10610 cu. inYes/YesNoNoNoNo0.77 pounds3-8 poundsYesNo$
Deuter Speed Lite 201,200 cu. in.Yes/YesYesNoNoYes1.2 pounds8-10 poundsYesNo$
Geigerrig 12001,200 cu. in.Yes/YesYesNoNoNo2.5 pounds8-13 poundsYes
Includes bladder
Gregory Miwok 181,007 cu. in.Yes/YesYesNoNoNo1.5 pounds10-15 poundsYesYes
Gregory Maya 18
Henty Wingman Backpack1,000 cu. in.Yes/YesYesYesYesNo3.8 pounds6 - 10 poundsNoNo$229.00
IAMRUNBOX Backpack Pro610 cu. in.Yes/YesYes (internal)NoYes/No (see review)No2.1 pounds6-8 poundsNoNo$170.00
LatLoc E701,428 cu. in.Yes (2)/No
YesNoYesNo2.1 pounds10-30 poundsNoNo$
Nike Cheyenne Vapor1,160 cu. in.Yes/YesNoYesNoNo1.8 pounds10-14 poundsYesNo$
OMM Adventure Light 201,220 cu. in.Yes/YesYesNoNoNo1.1 pounds (or 0.9 leanweight)YesNo$
Osprey Escapist 201,098 - 1,220 cu. in.Yes/YesYesYesNoYes1.5 pounds12-21 poundsYesNo$
Osprey Manta 201,220 cu. in.Yes/YesYesYesNoYes2.0 pounds15-25 poundsYes
Includes bladder
Osprey Mira 18
Osprey Quasar1,831 cu. in.Yes/YesYesNoYesNo1.8 pounds13-20 poundsNoNo$
Osprey Rev 241,464 cu. in.Yes (2)/YesYesYesNo1.0 pounds (M/L size)YesNo$
Osprey Stratos 241,343 - 1,587 cu. in.Yes/YesYesYesNoYes2.5 pounds15-25 poundsYesNo$
Osprey Talon 221,220 - 1,343 cu. in.Yes/YesYesNoNoNo1.8 pounds15-25 poundsYesNo$
REI Stoke 9549 cu. in.Yes/YesNoNoNoNo0.8 pounds4-8 poundsYesNo$
REI Stoke 191,160 cu. in.Yes/YesYesNoNoNo1.3 pounds8-15 poundsYesNo$
REI Traverse 301,830 cu. in.Yes/YesYesNoNoYes2.3 pounds15 - 25 poundsYesYes
REI Traverse 30
Teton Oasis 11001,100 cu. in.Yes/YesNoYesNoNo2.0 pounds8-15 poundsYes
Includes bladder
The North Face Angstrom 201,220 cu. in.Yes/YesNoYesNoNo1.5 pounds15-25 poundsYesYes
TNF Angstrom 20
UltrAspire Fastpack1,000 cu. in.Yes/YesYesNoNoNo1.3 pounds6-8 poundsYes
Includes bottles

This is a small list of backpacks that are ideal for run commuting, adventure racing, and trail running. We will continue to add content to it, and hope you will help determine the best of the best by rating them. Please let us know of any new packs or ones we may have missed and we will add them when we can. Thanks! TRC


  • TRC Review: A detailed review is available on The Run Commuter. Click the logo to view.

  • Volume: The internal space within a pack, i.e. the area where you put all your stuff.

  • Sternum Strap: The sternum strap (or, chest strap) links the pack’s two shoulder straps, usually buckling between the base of your sternum and the base of your neck. This strap helps to reduce up-and-down bounce.

  • Waist Strap: The waist strap secures around your waist and secures the base of the pack to your lower torso, reducing side-to-side motion.

  • Load Compression: Compression straps on the main compartment of the pack, either internal or external, that can be used to secure gear within your pack, reducing or eliminating any bounce from carried items.

  • Integrated Rain Cover: A protective, and usually highly-visible, waterproof/water-resistant cover hidden away in a small pouch built into the backpack, that can be quickly removed and applied in case of rain to keep your gear dry.

  • Padded Laptop Sleeve: A padded area/pocket within the pack made for carrying and protecting laptops or tablets.

  • Frame: Internal frame is present or absent.

  • Weight: The weight of the pack at the time of purchase without any additions or packed items.

  • Ideal Load Range: The amount of weight that the backpack will handle comfortably.

  • Hydration Compatible: There are separate hydration areas in the pack and ports for which hydration tubes can exit the pack.

  • Women-Specific Option: Backpacks specifically designed to best fit the female body.