A little-known, yet momentous for us, milestone came and went in April: our birthday, or anniversary, or, if you like, Annual Recognition of Official Launch! That it has taken me a month to write of it is not indicative of the level of celebratory bender on which we went, but how danged much we have had going on, including ultramarathons, bike tours, and Moving Day. Lots more excitement coming up from The Run Commuter, too, so keep reading.

But first, something rather pleasant occurred on our Annual Recognition of Official Launch. Josh and I have crossed paths many times in the course of our commutes, though one of us is normally on a bike. This day, our AROL, I rounded a corner and spied a gent with Josh’s form and Josh’s pack running not too far before me. By bellowing a mighty “YO, JOSH!” I ascertained that this was, in fact, Josh. Our first run commute path-crossing. A good omen for our second year.

Lightly seasoned with automobile exhaust

We all (both) gathered ’round the mulberry bush to enjoy feral fruit along the PATH trail.

We met up by a bush, and rather than cake, we plucked and ate perfectly-ripe mulberries. Atlanta is loaded with random and feral fruit — figs, pears, apples, blackberries, persimmons — about which I will write later.

Stay tuned as we embark on our second year for exciting developments: a few giveaways, new tales, and at least one Run Commuter Marathon here in Atlanta.