Whew! This week has been hectic and, as everyone in the country knows, hotter than the molten core of the earth. We all had heavy case loads this week, preventing us from writing anything for your amusement or amazement, but will return next week with gusto. Benefit of run commuting: stress relief.

Though said run commutes ease stress, and give both barrels to getting you home and getting you exercise, there is the larger part, at least for me, of seeing and experiencing the city. I love Atlanta. Atlanta is my city; likely you all feel the same way about the spaces and places in which you live.

Every day I relish the experience of exploring it, seeing its myriad pieces and people mingle. Part of our aim here is to share that with readers. So while we recoup over the weekend and regroup next week, here are some quick pics I snapped running down Auburn Avenue through the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site, of which I wrote earlier this week.

If you have a National Parks Passport, this is where you get it stamped. I have one, and recommend it to anyone else who is obsessive and nerdy about history.

Fire Station No. 6 was decommissioned from service a while back, yet remains open as a museum and gift shop after its acquisition by the National Parks Service.

The pool and fountain at the King Center

The Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, aka the King Center, is a privately-operated inholding within the NHS’ boundaries. My friend Hamzat works there. He says visitors often confuse it for part of the MLK, Jr. NHS. The King Center and this pool also showcase something important at its far end:

The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. King tomb

Across the street from the King Center, back at the NHS, is a statue of Kunte-Kinte and his daughter, Kizzy. It is called “Behold,” and represents her baptism.

The strangest Daddy-Daughter Day yet.

It is an impressive statue, yet it is positioned such that as one approaches, all one sees, front and center, is:

Behold, indeed.

Have a great weekend, gang, and wear your sunscreen when you go out running: don’t let the sun toast your buns!