Everyone is Trying It!

Last night, my wife ran home after work from the train station 3 miles away.  This was only her second run this year and the second run wearing her new Merrell Pace Gloves, so I was very impressed.

She was exhausted and excited once she made it home, pulling everything out of her skirt pockets (a non-running specific skirt at that) and exclaiming, “And…look at everything I had to carry with me!”

She went on to say that she really enjoyed combining the run with a short trip on the train as she ran into two colleagues and used the transit time to network.

Her legs were pretty sore that night, but she said they were fine this morning as she headed off to work.

Well done on your first run commute, Rebecca!

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Getting Started – Part 2: Route Planning

More than likely, you already know how to get to work by car.  But do you know how to get there by foot?

Now that you’ve made the decision to try run commuting, you need to find the best way to get to your office.  Normally, this  means the shortest way to work.  But it could also be the least hilly way.  Or the most scenic.   The choice is yours!

There are many options on the web to help you plan your route.  Let’s briefly check some of them out: (more…)

Getting Started – Part 1: Mentality

Anyone can run commute.  As long as you set your mind to it, you can do it.

Ok, ok…  Maybe not everyone can do it, but the hardest part of trying anything new is convincing yourself to give it a shot and then doing it.

Disregard the initial, extremist thoughts that may enter your head when you think about run commuting:  Namely, that it means you have to do it every day, only athletes are able to run like that, or you can’t because you need special facilities at your job to do so (shower).

I’ve heard many reasons why people can’t do things – as in, “I could never bike to the grocery store,” or “I could NEVER give up cheese/junk food/TV” and after making a few changes in my life, I realize now how much this annoys me.  But they’ve convinced themselves they couldn’t do whatever it was before they even tried.  It used to be me, too.   (more…)


I’ve been an on-again, off-again runner for just over 15 years now (yikes!). It began as preparation for US Army Basic Training. I had three months to get ready and knew I would be running a lot once I was in, so I needed to be ready. So off I went on my first run down our dirt road…and a half a mile later I was done – as in the-hell-with-this done.  Thankfully, I was “pushed” a little in the following months and grew to love running. (more…)