It’s not often that we get to test gear made specifically for run commuters, so we were ecstatic when IAMRUNBOX sent us their latest pack to review – the Backpack Pro 2.0. While the pack looks pretty plain at first glance, it is packed with some really great features and add-ons. I had high expectations for this pack, so I tested it for longer than usual and was able to put it through a wider-variety of testing conditions.

Test Model

IAMRUNBOX Backpack Pro 2.0

Size: One size fits all

Carrying Capacity: 12L, 732 cu. in.

Cost: US $135 (Pre-Order Price)

Add-ons: Space Bag, Rain Cover, Amphipod Vizlet LED Lights

Performance and Evaluation

I ran over 75 miles with the Backpack Pro 2.0, testing it under a wide-range of conditions including lengthy downpours, and temperatures ranging from 25°F to 70°F, and I can confidently state – this is the best backpack I have ever used for run commuting. It is entirely made for active commuters and every last detail is well thought out, including the built-in garment carrier, wide waist belt pockets (that will actually hold the things to which you need quick access), and suspension system that is not tight or restrictive while running.

I’m a big fan of larger backpacks for running, and typically run with a 22L – 24L pack, so I was very surprised that this small-sized pack worked for me. For the warmer, every day runs, I could carry a full set of work clothing, belt, lunch, a light jacket, and an assortment of accessories. However, once the temperature dropped into the mid-20’s, I had no space left over to carry a winter jacket and vest for later in the day when I leave work to ride the bus and pick my kids up from school. And, of course, the designer thought of this, and created the Space Bag as the perfect add-on for situations where more carrying capacity is needed.
This pack really does have everything.

Let’s look at some of the features in more detail.

What I Liked

Doesn’t bounce while running

Great internal organization

Excellent garment holder

Rides high on your chest and back

Add-on external straps

Space Bag doubles carrying capacity

Waist pockets large enough to use and lined to keep contents dry

Comfortable on the run, while not feeling tight or restrictive

Extremely durable construction

What I Didn’t Like

Pack straps curve into underarm area and may cause chafing for people with larger upper torsos

Bottom of shoulder straps attract odor

Backpack Details


The front of the pack consists of a semi-rigid, water-resistant shell with the IAMRUNBOX logo. While no initial features are present, the kit includes two adjustable straps which can be attached to the back side of the pack that transform the front into a more useful component. I leave the straps on at all times, and attach blinking lights to them for better visibility in low-light conditions.

My test kit that I received included a zippered pouch called the Space Bag that can be added to the front of the pack using built-in MOLLE straps. This is an extremely useful add-on that increases the carrying capacity by 2L – 12L, allowing you to pack shoes, a winter coat, or additional gear that will not fit inside the pack.

It also came with a rain cover, which I was able to test out on three different days and everything underneath stayed nice and dry.

Front of the pack

Pack with add-on straps

Space Bag

Space Bag on the pack (with Amphipod lights)


The only thing on the sides of the pack that are present are reflective loops to which the front pack straps attach.

Main Compartment

Left Side

This side of the pack is the garment carrier. It completely closes within pack using a stretchy, breathable fabric surrounded on three sides with a zipper. In addition, there is a zippered pouch in the center of the material that provides additional storage space for small to medium-sized items.

Included inside the garment carrier section is a clothes folder card, which you can use to fold your clothing so that it fits inside the pack. I typically use this to fold my shirt, and then leave the folder card inside my shirt when stored, to help keep its shape throughout the run.

Right Side

On this side, the same stretchy material is used to create four additional storage areas. The small front pocket fits an iPhone 8 perfectly. I use the other pockets for small items like keys, sunglasses, and the rain cover for the pack. More notably, however, this side holds up to a 15” laptop. The laptop slides in behind, and is held in place by, the set of pockets. Since a 15” laptop fits this area just right, and the pack contents are held tightly together once closed, the laptop does not bounce or move around while running.

Back Panel

The back panel is lightly padded and has four raised areas to keep the backpack from fully touching your back while wearing it. It provides adequate ventilation on hot days, and keeps large amounts of sweat from soaking into the entire back of the pack.

Suspension System


The shoulder straps are lightly padded and can be tightened both at the bottom and at the top of the pack. Adjusting the top strap changes the shape at the shoulder, as well as shortens the location of the end of the strap. MOLLE straps adorn the front of each strap and allow for the attachment of multiple different items, including IAMRUNBOX’s water bottle holder.

The pack has one narrow sternum strap, that is adjustable both horizontally and vertically and its bright orange buckle contains a whistle (perfect for announcing your morning arrival to the office).

Waist Band

This is a running backpack waist band done right. It is comfortable, it carries large-sized phones and lots of additional gear, and everything is easily accessible on the run. On top of that, it has a very simple feature that I have yet to see on any other packs – a way to secure the waist straps together when you are not using them to keep them out of the way.

Finally, the waist straps are held together by a medium-sized buckle and any excess strap leftover after tightening can be tucked back into the waist pouch pockets.

The waist straps can be secured when not in use by a small elastic strap


The IAMRUNBOX Backpack Pro 2.0 is one of the most well-thought out running packs I’ve ever seen. It’s comfortable on the run, stylish, lightweight, durable, and has every feature a run commuting backpack should have. This is the only pack you will ever need for running to work.

Disclaimer: IAMRUNBOX provided us with a free backpack to review.

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