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1004, 2018

Run Commute “Cheats”

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As a run commuter, I happen to be a bit of a cheater. I don’t mean a fraud such as Rosie Ruiz, who was stripped of her Boston Marathon medal in 1980 for not completing all 26.2 miles of the course or even very many of them. I merely mean...

504, 2018

The New Run Commuters – April 2018

By |April 5th, 2018|Categories: General|1 Comment

Spring is here and it is the perfect season to start run commuting! The temperatures are finally warming up and the snow is going away. Maybe you are bored with your current running routine, too. Variety and extra mileage is what lured Lionel Adams...

2603, 2018

Why I am a Run Commuter

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Run commuting has made me a better person. I am not who people believe I am. To wake up early and trek into the office on my own locomotion is intrinsically worthwhile. Yet it also is consistent with my plan for self-improvement.

1203, 2018

The Perils of Crossing the Street

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I jaywalk. I admit it. I was well into adulthood when I realized this conduct was considered mildly criminal. My wife was once given a citation for it, which means I am not alone in failing to comprehend that it is frowned upon...

403, 2018

The New Run Commuters – March 2018

By |March 4th, 2018|Categories: Uncategorized|1 Comment

This month's New Run Commuter is David Roland, from our headquarters city of Atlanta, Georgia. I had the pleasure of meeting David in person last week, and we spoke not only about how he became a run commuter, but also of Atlanta's many, many distracted drivers and the dangerous conditions they create for vulnerable users, such as pedestrians, runners, and cyclists. David's advice for [...]

2702, 2018

Am I a Runner?

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“You’re not a runner. You’re a racer.” That was what my coach said to me. She was neither complimenting nor criticizing me. She was describing me.