I want to try, but I live too far from work!

Do you?  Do you?  Remember, you don’t have to run the whole way to and from work!  If you live 20 miles away, maybe you could bike or drive 15 miles first, lock up/park, and run the remaining 5 miles in?  You can probably make it work – if you want to.

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How will run commuting benefit me?

One of the greatest feelings is arriving at work on foot for the first time. It’s an achievement to be proud of, and the additional psychological benefits remain with you throughout the day.

  • Your running speed and endurance will increase.
  • You will lose weight.
  • Some swear that by running with backpack, their running form actually improves.
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Why run to work?

By running to work, you are combining two things you normally do separately – running and commuting. You no longer have to try to fit in a run when you get home at night! There are many other reasons why people run commute, including;

  • Training: Easier to stick to a training plan. You can increase your weekly mileage. Running with a pack increases endurance. Two runs per day can increase your overall fitness.
  • Environmental: Aside from telecommuting, it’s the cleanest commute option possible.
  • Practical: Low cost (you probably already have all the gear). Some are car-free or live in a car-light family.
  • For the love of running!
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What is run commuting?

Run commuting is replacing, modifying, or supplementing your current commute with running.  It can be done with or without a backpack full of items needed for work.  You can also combine your trip with biking, public transit, carpool, walking, or driving alone – as long as part of your trip includes running, we consider it run commuting.

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