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Seen: Atlanta’s other parking problem

Just blocks shy of the office, I encountered this scene, where a driver decided to park on the Capitol lawn. That is a two-foot-high wall, on which I usually run as I pass the Gold Dome. Not today.

Only 49 more Capitols to ram

“No, sir, the sign meant I-85 is around the corner.”

Weather was wonderful — no fog, no rain, no tornadoes — and traffic was light. Josh and I later that day examined the tire marks and fender scraps, and could only figure that he came plowing west on the one-way street behind my perspective, cornered across at least two lanes to head south here, hit the curb, hopped the wall and made everyone’s morning.

OR, as I prefer to think, he did this while trying to drunk-dial his best friend from college and tell him he loves him and ask why they don’t hang out any more.

OR, as I am hoping to spin into local legend, this was a brazen protest against the much-maligned parking enforcers ParkAtlanta.

OR, it is proof that Atlantans fail to understand the vexing automobile, and should stick instead to running or bicycles.

Look every which way when you cross or use the streets, gang, watch your backs, and have a great weekend!

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Knowing, and toeing, your deadline

Douglas Adams lives on beyond his trilogy in five parts, in newsrooms everywhere, their walls, clocks, support beams, computer monitors, coffee pots and mugs, and I am sure the occasional tattoo emblazoned with and giving voice to his quote, “I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by.”

A deadline nearly whooshed by me today. Not for an important assignment, like a white paper or needs assessment or getting my boss some Chick-fil-A for breakfast, but for transforming from a soggy, sweaty wreck to office appropriate gent. It was a close call, dear readers. Close and soggy.

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Scene/seen on my run commute

Bicycle commuters always hold forth about the wonderful things they see on their commutes, exposed to and immersed in the world as they are. “I ate fresh raspberries while watching deer frolic in the meadow!” “A greengrocer tossed me half a watermelon, gratis, for having such a lovely smile!” “I high-fived a guy waiting on the curb so hard, he spun around!” (I actually did that last one.)

Run commuting, you experience the same, only you are better able to stop and consider. So, consider this:

Stay classy, Georgia

A fair try, but I expect to corner the boozy-stoner market when I release my Chips Ahoy-flavored vodka.

Part of my run commute cuts through the Murder Kroger parking lot (more…)

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When cross-type commutes cross paths

Today was a bike commute day, as Lo-town and I are taking a birthday friend to dinner tonight. Run commuting is achievable with planning and timing, even in 90-degree Georgia heat; however, run commuting to a social engagement can be a boggy matter, especially in 90-degree Georgia heat. We will touch on that topic in the coming weeks.

A mile and a half from work, whom do I see? Why, Josh Woiderski, run commuter!

Run commuting in ACTION. Run commuting IS action!

Our morning mirth was dampened soon after, though, when we encountered one of my nemeses. (more…)

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The Why of my run commute: thrift and paranoia

Following Josh’s prompt, I thought about how I came to run commuting. It is founded less in practical circumstance than his. My run commute, and distance running in general, is rooted in thoughts of green and health. Not the save-the-planet type: rather, the backseat progeny of thrift and paranoia.

Also, like any tale of any merit, it involves REVENGE. (more…)

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Photo/fisticuffs finish

What Atlantan run commuter dodged a last-gasp clothesline at the BeltLine Northside 5K, still finishing one-tenth of a second in front of his uncouth competitor?

Our very own Josh (left), that’s who! Cheaters never win, sir. Nor look good in photos.

Foul play

Haul ass or throw elbows: ways to win.

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